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Take control of your links with TLinky’s powerful free URL shortener. Unlock the potential of targeted marketing, seamless customization, advanced analytics, and robust security. TLinky offers a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize your online presence and drive results.

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URL Shortener

Create concise and shareable links to optimize your online presence and track click-through rates. Boost your brand’s visibility and drive more traffic.

QR Code Generator

Engage your audience with dynamic QR codes that bridge the offline and online worlds, facilitating seamless interactions.

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Maximize the impact of your social media presence by showcasing multiple links and captivating content in your bio.

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Splash Pages

Capture attention and drive conversions with visually stunning landing pages tailored to your campaigns and promotions.

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Custom Aliases

Personalize your short links with custom aliases to reinforce your brand identity and improve link memorability.

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Geo Targeting

Deliver relevant content to specific geographic locations, enhancing engagement and maximizing conversion rates.

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Device Targeting

Provide tailored experiences based on users’ devices, ensuring seamless interaction and optimal user experience.

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Language Targeting

Speak your audience’s language by delivering content in their preferred language, fostering better engagement.

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Custom Landing Page

Design unique landing pages to capture leads, promote products, and drive conversions effectively.

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CTA Overlays

Drive user actions and conversions with eye-catching call-to-action overlays on your links, maximizing results.

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Event Tracking

Gain valuable insights by monitoring user interactions and events related to your links, optimizing your marketing strategy.

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Team Members

Collaborate efficiently by assigning roles and permissions to team members, streamlining link management processes.

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Branded Domains

Establish trust and enhance brand recognition by using custom domains for your short links.

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Organize and manage your links across multiple channels ( Group, Folder) making it easy to track and optimize your marketing efforts.

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Run multiple campaigns simultaneously and distribute clicks evenly among different links for effective marketing.

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Multiple Domains

Manage and track links across multiple domains effortlessly from a centralized dashboard. It will make simplify your workflow.

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UTM Builder

Create accurate UTM parameters to track, attribute, and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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A/B Testing

Experiment with different link variations to compare performance and optimize click-through rates for better results.

Tracking Pixels

Integrate tracking pixels to measure conversions, track audience behavior, and optimize your marketing efforts effectively.

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Gain valuable insights into link performance with comprehensive statistics, including clicks, referrers, and more.

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Developer API

Extend TLinky’s functionality and seamlessly integrate it into your applications and workflows with our developer API.

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Custom Parameters

Track and segment data effectively by adding custom parameters to your links, gaining valuable insights.

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Set expiration dates for your links to create urgency and control access to time-sensitive content or promotions.

Click Limitation

Click Limitation

Control the number of clicks on your links to manage traffic, maintain exclusivity, or limit access to specific audiences.

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Save time and effort by easily importing and managing a large number of links through CSV file uploads.

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Export Data

Export comprehensive link data for in-depth analysis, reporting, and integration with other marketing tools and systems.

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Data Retention

Retain link data for a specified period, enabling historical analytics and insights for long-term performance tracking.

Super Fast Redirection

Ensure lightning-fast redirection from your short links, minimizing waiting time for a seamless user experience.

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Expiration by Clicks

Set links to expire after a specific number of clicks, controlling access and ensuring relevance.

Enjoy an uninterrupted user experience without distracting ads, ensuring a focused and professional environment.

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Password Protection URL

Secure your links with password protection, granting access only to authorized individuals for added security.

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Remove Branding

Customize your short links by removing TLinky branding, presenting a polished and professional appearance.

Visitor Map

Visitor Map

Visualize link traffic geographically with an interactive visitor map, identifying hotspots and targeting specific regions for better targeting.

Top Countries

Identify the top-performing countries in terms of link clicks and engagement, allowing you to focus efforts on targeting and optimizing your marketing strategies for maximum impact in those regions.

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CTA Newsletter

Engage your website visitors and build your email subscriber list with a small popup form designed to capture user emails. Effortlessly collect valuable leads for your newsletter and marketing campaigns.

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Custom Banner

Utilize the power of custom banners within your Splash pages to create visually appealing and engaging experiences. Allowing you to convey important messages, promote offers, or showcase your latest products.

Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

With the Tlinky’s Zapier Integration features you can automate your workflow. Also, Integrate seamlessly with your webhook to automate campaigns and receive crucial information effortlessly.

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Social login

TLinky offers Social Login for easy account access. Users can log in using their social media account. Users can use their Facebook, Twitter and Google account.

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