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Simplify Your Social Media Experience

TLinky’s Link in Bio tool is the ultimate solution for optimizing your social media presence. It is typically used in platforms like Instagram, TikTok where the bio section has limited space for sharing links. With TLinky’s Link in Bio, users can create a dedicated landing page or microsite that contains various links, such as website URLs, blog articles, product pages, social media profiles, and more.

Link in Bio

Link in Bio is a powerful tool that allows you to consolidate multiple links into a single, customizable landing page. Simplify your social media experience by sharing important information, promoting products, and driving traffic efficiently.

What is Link in Bio?
What is Link in Bio?

26+ Content Widget

Showcase Your Best Content

Highlight your latest blog posts, videos, podcasts, products, or any other valuable content in one central hub using 26+ ready content widgets. TLinky’s Link in Bio page builder empowers you to curate a collection of links that reflect your brand and captivate your audience, increasing visibility and engagement.

Bio Profile Builder

Personalize your Link in Bio page to match your brand identity. Choose from various layouts, color schemes, and design options to create a cohesive and visually appealing showcase of your links. With the ability to use custom colors and backgrounds, you have the flexibility to tailor your bio page to your specific needs and create a captivating user experience.

Customize Your Link in Bio
Data Driven Insights

Analytics and Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable data-driven insights into how your Bio page is performing. With robust analytics and insights, you can track link clicks, measure engagement metrics, and analyze user behavior. Understand your audience better with device targeting, language targeting, and browser targeting.

Gain insights into GEO location data to identify where your audience is coming from. Implement A/B testing to experiment with different strategies and optimize your Bio page for maximum results. Make data-driven decisions to improve your social media strategy and achieve your goals.

Maximize Your Revenue

Convert Followers into Customers

Capture leads and increase conversions by directing your audience to specific landing pages or sign-up forms. Leverage your Link in Bio page to generate valuable leads, drive sales, and nurture relationships with your followers. Unlock the full potential of your social media presence.

Convert Followers into Customers

Discover the powerful features that make Link in Bio the ultimate solution for managing and optimizing your social media presence. From customization options to analytics and integrations, these features empower you to create a stunning and effective Bio page that drives engagement and helps you achieve your goals.

Chart Bar Icon

View Statistics

Get valuable insights on clicks, top countries & cities, platforms, browsers, languages, referrers, and visitor map for data-driven decision-making.

Page Views Count

Track the number of page views your Link in Bio receives to gauge its popularity and reach.

Pencil Icon

Live Editing

Edit your Bio page in real-time without any page reloads for a seamless and efficient editing experience.

External Icon

Customize and position social media icons (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram, Snapchat, Discord, Twitch, Pinterest, Shopify, Amazon, Line Messenger) to connect with your audience across platforms.

Custom Background

Personalize your Bio page with a custom background to reflect your brand’s aesthetics and create a visually appealing showcase.

Brush Icon

Buttons Customization

Customize the buttons on your Bio page to align with your branding and improve user experience. you can change background color, text color, button style and button shadow etc.

Typography Icon

30+ Pre-Defined Fonts

Choose from a wide range of fonts to elevate the visual appeal and readability of your Bio page, capturing attention and conveying your message effectively.

Sidebar Icon

6+ Pre-Built Themes

Select from a diverse collection of professionally designed themes to create a polished and visually striking Bio page effortlessly.

Header Icon

3 Header Layout

Choose from three header layout options to create a visually captivating and well-organized Bio profile that captures attention and facilitates navigation.

Search Icon

SEO Friendly

Optimize your Bio page for search engines by adding meta title, description, and meta image, improving visibility and attracting organic traffic.

Comment Author Avatar Icon

Display Avatar

Control the visibility of your avatar on the Bio page, allowing you to personalize the user experience and reinforce your brand identity.

Sensitive Content

Ensure a safe browsing experience by warning users before displaying sensitive content on the Bio page, promoting user trust and safety.

Comply with data privacy regulations and provide transparency to users by enabling a cookie popup for reviewing cookie collection terms.

Share Icon

Share Icons

Empower users to quickly share your Bio page with a share icon, expanding your reach and increasing visibility across social media platforms.

Lock Icon

Password Protection

Enhance privacy and control by restricting access to your Bio page with password protection, ensuring that only authorized users can view the content.

Targeting Pixels

Integrate targeting pixels to track user behavior and optimize marketing campaigns, enabling precise targeting and improved conversion rates.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS code to personalize the appearance of your Bio page, aligning it with your brand identity and design preferences.

Export Emails

Easily export collected newsletter emails for seamless email marketing, enabling effective communication and customer engagement.

Custom Domain

Establish a strong online presence by using a custom domain and Bio Page Alias, creating a branded and memorable link for your Bio page.

Duplicate Page

Save time and effort by duplicating your Bio page, allowing you to replicate the design and layout without starting from scratch each time.

A/B testing

Optimize your Bio page by conducting A/B tests to compare different versions and gather valuable data-driven insights. Analyze the results to refine your Bio page and continuously improve its performance.

Maximize your online impact. Explore our link in bio for exclusive content, connections, and endless possibilities.

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26+ Content Widgets

Design your Link in Bio page with our 26+ content widgets. From taglines to images, videos, products, and social links to create a captivating and unique browsing experience. Engage your audience and showcase your brand with TLinky’s versatile tools.


Highlight your profile with a catchy tagline placed below your profile name, adding an extra touch of personality.

Heading Widget

Add headings of various sizes to structure and emphasize different sections of your Bio page effectively.

Text Widget

Enhance your Bio page with informative text content, allowing you to provide detailed descriptions or messages to your audience.


Create visual separation and organization between content sections with a sleek and stylish line divider.

Add a trackable button or link to external pages, enabling you to count link clicks and analyze user engagement.

Custom HTML Code

Incorporate custom HTML code to personalize and extend the functionality of your Bio page.


Showcase captivating visuals by uploading single or dual images side by side, enriching the visual appeal of your Bio page.

Phone Call

Facilitate direct communication by setting your phone number for users to make instant phone calls.


Provide a downloadable vCard, allowing users to easily save and access your contact information.

PayPal Button

Generate a PayPal button to seamlessly accept payments or donations directly through your Bio page.

WhatsApp Call

Add a button to initiate a WhatsApp call, enabling users to connect with you instantly.

WhatsApp Message

Include a button to send a WhatsApp message, promoting direct and convenient communication.

Embed RSS Feed

Display a dynamic RSS feed widget to showcase the latest updates from your preferred sources.

Newsletter Form

Capture email addresses with a newsletter form, enabling you to build a subscriber base for email marketing campaigns.

Contact Form

Receive inquiries and messages from visitors by adding a contact form to your Bio page.

FAQs Widget

Provide a widget with frequently asked questions and their answers, offering valuable information to your audience.

Product Widget

Enhance your product presentation by adding a widget to showcase products with descriptions, images, and purchase options.

YouTube Video

Embed YouTube videos or playlists to engage visitors with compelling multimedia content.

Spotify Music

Enhance your Bio page with embedded Spotify music or playlist widgets to share your favorite tunes.

Apple Music

Embed Apple Music widgets to share and promote your favorite tracks and playlists.

TikTok Video

Embed TikTok videos directly into your Bio page, showcasing entertaining and engaging content.

Latest Tweets

Keep your audience updated by embedding your latest tweets on your Bio page, promoting social engagement.

SoundCloud Track

Embed Apple Music widgets to share and promote your favorite tracks and playlists.

Facebook Post

Embed TikTok videos directly into your Bio page, showcasing entertaining and engaging content.

NFT from OpenSea

Showcase your NFTs from OpenSea by embedding them directly into your Bio page for easy access and promotion.

Instagram Post

Showcase captivating Instagram posts by embedding them directly on your Bio page, enhancing visual appeal.

More Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions to find answers to common inquiries about our QR code generator. Get the information you need to make the most of our service and optimize your QR code usage.

How can I customize the appearance of my Link in Bio page?
To customize the appearance of your Bio page, you can choose from various layouts, color schemes, and design options. You can also customize the background, buttons, fonts, and header layout to create a cohesive and visually appealing landing page of your links.
Can I add social media links to my Bio page?
Absolutely! You can easily add social media links to your Bio page. We support popular platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram, Snapchat, Discord, Twitch, Pinterest, Shopify, Amazon, and Line Messenger. Additionally, you have the flexibility to change the position of social icons at the top or bottom.
Is it possible to track the performance of specific links on my Bio page?
Yes, you can track the performance of specific links on your landing page. Our comprehensive analytics provide insights into link clicks, allowing you to measure the engagement and effectiveness of each link. This data helps you understand which links are generating the most interest and adjust your strategy accordingly.
How can I export the email addresses collected from my Newsletter Form widget?
If you have a Newsletter Form widget on your Bio page, you can easily export the email addresses collected. This feature enables you to export the newsletter emails and integrate them with your email marketing campaigns or CRM systems for effective communication with your audience.
Can I embed videos or music from platforms like YouTube or Spotify on my Bio page?
Yes, you can enhance your Bio page by embedding videos or music from platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, and more. This allows you to showcase multimedia content, engage your audience, and create an immersive experience on your Bio page.
What types of statistics and insights can I track for my Bio page?
With our Link in Bio tool, you can track various statistics and insights. You can monitor link clicks, view top countries and cities of your visitors, track platforms and browsers they use, analyze language preferences, identify referrers (direct, email, etc.), view a visitor map, and even conduct A/B testing for data-driven insights.
How do I protect my Bio page with a password?
Protecting your Bio page with a password is simple. By adding a password, you can restrict access to your page and ensure only authorized users can view its content. This adds an extra layer of security and control over who can access your links.
Can I integrate third-party tracking pixels into my Bio page?
You have the option to integrate third-party tracking pixels into your Bio page. Simply add your targeting pixels from the provided list and ensure they are enabled in the pixel settings. This allows you to gather valuable data and insights from your page, aligned with your existing tracking and analytics tools.
What options do I have to personalize the header layout of my Bio page?
Personalize your Bio page’s header layout to match your preferences. With three header layout options available, you can choose the one that best suits your branding and design requirements. This customization feature allows you to create a unique and visually appealing header for your Bio page.
Is it possible to duplicate an existing Bio page to save time on designing a new one?
We understand the importance of saving time and effort in designing new pages. That’s why we provide the option to duplicate an existing Bio page. By duplicating a page, you can quickly replicate its design and content, making it convenient for creating similar pages or making minor adjustments while maintaining a consistent layout and style.

Drive engagement, capture leads, and showcase your content effectively with TLinky. Take control of your bio page, leverage data-driven insights, and captivate your audience.

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View Statistics

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Track Links

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Live Editing

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SEO Friendly

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Lead Capture

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Targeting Pixels

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Custom Domain

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A/B testing